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We have four offices across the United States. No matter where you are—North, South, East, or West—we have a regional office location with a ready, willing and able disaster recovery specialist team to help you!

Let Berquist Be Your One And Only Call

Whether you are thinking of getting ahead of the curve and partnering with a disaster recovery specialist, or you have tragically found yourself dealing with the effects of a natural disaster and need to find a consultancy group that can help, the team at Berquist Recovery is ready to get to work today.

Our team of experts can help you navigate the world of disaster recovery, ensuring that you have a thorough understanding of what’s going on. True professional teams, like ours at Berquist, will be able to leverage all eligible federal and state programs to their fullest, to help you to recover quickly and at the lowest cost to you. Harness the power of our knowledge and get a step ahead in the recovery process.

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Our Expert Team

Our core team of experts includes our President Jonathan Berquist, as well as our two exceptional subject matter experts, Robert Berquist P.E., and Timothy Donnelly. Their combined experience and knowledge is second to none. We are proud of our team at Berquist and would love to partner with you and be in your corner when disaster strikes. If you find yourself in need of a disaster recovery specialist, look no further than Berquist Recovery.

Don’t Hold Off Any Longer

Don’t wait for the unexpected to happen. If you have the opportunity to get ahead of a disaster and make a plan, take it! Prepare your home, business, or community today. Our team of experienced consultants can help you create an effective disaster recovery plan that will help protect your assets—and peace of mind.