East Richland County, SC

Helping East Richland Leverage FEMA Programs

While there are many FEMA programs available to individuals and communities, understanding what you’re eligible for and submitting applications can be confusing. We’ve been helping East Richland, SC navigate this murky area to ensure they access all the funds available to them to keep their town safe.

Berquist Recovery is able to guide and assist East Richland in the administration and execution of the FEMA Public Assistance (PA), and the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) amongst others. A solid understanding and knowledge of the Federal programs and grants available is key when leveraging these tools. Being a high-risk area for natural disaster impacts, it is essential that areas such as East Richland seek the professional help and guidance of seasoned consultants to ensure their communities receive the help they are eligible for, while keeping their citizens safe.

Make The Most Of Our Knowledge

As an individual, finding and applying for FEMA programs can be even more challenging. But our experts are here to help. Take advantage of their wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Part of deciding what FEMA programs you’re eligible for is understanding the types of severe weather events that are most common in your area. For our friends in East Richland, hurricanes and the subsequent storm and flood damage cause the most headaches. For you, it may be tornados or wildfires. It is your responsibility as a home or business owner to know what your biggest risks are, and take the necessary steps to prepare for them and hopefully reduce losses when disaster strikes.

 FEMA programs are actually available for mitigation and preparedness services, so you don’t have to wait for disaster to strike before you can utilize everything FEMA has to offer. The Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program is one of the programs East Richland takes advantage of with our support and ongoing guidance. This program provides funding for the community to identify and remedy potential hazards, allowing them to reduce the risk of damages and losses when a disaster strikes. Reducing these risks helps communities and businesses rebound more quickly from disasters, helping them to recover faster. So if you are in a high-risk area and don’t have a strategy in place, get organized today. Chat with a team member at Berquist so we can get you set up with a comprehensive strategy.

Our Specialties At Berquist Recovery Consulting

Our team of highly qualified subject matter experts has a great working knowledge of so many aspects of the disaster recovery industry, especially FEMA programs. The industry as a whole is so multifaceted, making it imperative that you work with a team that has a vast knowledge base. Whether you are an individual home or business owner, or you are a county department looking out for the communities under your purview, you need a consultant who will leave no stones unturned. Berquist Recovery Consultants provide expertise in the following areas:

  • estimating icon
    Cost Estimating and Analysis
    Accurate cost estimation is key to a successful recovery. Make sure you get adequate funding.
  • Insurance Recovery
    Insurance Recovery
    Dealing with insurance can be tough. Having a Berquist consultant in your corner can make the process much less stressful.
  • Arbitration
    Appeals and Arbitration
    This is such a key component to ensuring our clients receive what is truly theirs from the available programs. We know how to tackle disputes like a pro, let us be your voice.
  • Cost Recovery
    Direct Administrative Cost Recovery
    Direct Administrative Costs, abbreviated as “DAC,” are direct, administrative expenses incurred by subrecipients. Cost recovery enables us to reduce the overall expenses incurred.
  • Improved-SRIA
    Improved and SRIA Section
    Members of our team were instrumental in administering and implementing the Sandy Recovery Improvement Act (SIRA) of 2013, so we know everything there is to know about SIRA.
  • 428 Projects
    428 Projects
    Our president played a vital role in executing the implementation of the 428 Public Assistance Pilot Program, giving them an exceptional understanding of the program’s inner workings.
  • Hazard
    406 Hazard Mitigation and Benefit-Cost Analysis
    Hazard Mitigation is a vital component of disaster recovery. Our impressive knowledge of mitigation grants sets us apart from the rest.
  • Policy Advice
    Policy Advice
    Know every detail within your insurance policy. Our team can assist you with policy advice so you’ll never feel unsure again.
  • Procurement
    Procurement, Debris, Temporary Facilities, and Floodplain Expertise
    Natural Disasters can bring a variety of hurdles. Having a team that can navigate all of them with ease is a must.

Berquist Recovery has provided technical support to East Richland on over 30 projects, with an estimated portfolio exceeding $13 million in damages. Let us help you in the same manner. Whether you are an individual homeowner, or department head of a high risk county, we can be your voice when it comes to negotiating FEMA Programs and other aspects of your recovery journey.